The Redoubt - Battle of Bunker Hill

In his sequel to the already iconic painting "Bunker Hill", here we see the latter phase of the epic battle of June 17, 1775. After appalling losses in two previous assaults, the British push forward in a third attempt to storm the American position on Breed's Hill. As the patriots' ammunition runs out, the British Marines & 47th Regiment of Foot pour over the earthen walls in a furious rage. The Americans are forced back out of their redoubt in one of the most brutal hand-to-hand fights of the war. Giving ground only in the face of overwhelming force, President of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, Dr. Joseph Warren is shot dead by a British officer. Again Troiani has produced another masterwork rich in accurate detail,even down to the anchor emblems on the British Marine breastplates. With historical background certificate written by renowned authority James L. Kochan

$225 Paper  size 27 x 18

$750 Canvas  size 35 x 23-1/2

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