Nathan Hale

School teachers never get a break.
This is Don Troiani's depiction just before the hanging. While some authors contend Hale was hung at about 66th St. & First Ave., a British officer states he was hung in front of the Royal Artillery Park. Period British maps prove this was at Turtle Bay (present 45th St.) just South of Howe's Headquarters in the Beekman House and across from the Dove Tavern at the fourth mile marker. The British had pre war artillery magazines established at the Turtle Bay site so this makes a great deal of sense.

The British uniforms, clothing and every other possible detail have been intensively studied, even the Beekman House in the distant back ground. "I felt Hale really merited serious artistic treatment after two hundred plus years of fantasy renderings. Liberty's martyr truly deserves more careful consideration."

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